Alternative Therapy

At Shining Light Hospice, we customize each patient’s plan of care based on their specific needs. In some cases, we suggest alternative therapies that can help alleviate pain and discomfort and enhance the patient’s quality of life.

Below are a few examples of alternative therapies that are appropriate for hospice patients.

Happy senior woman and caregiver Alternative Therapy


Smell can have a powerful impact on people, including patients in hospice care. Studies have shown that aromatherapy can improve an individual’s sense of calm, help control pain and nausea, and reduce agitation.

There are numerous options for including aromatherapy in a patient’s care plan, and your Shining Light caregiver will be able to make recommendations as to which are best suited to your situation.


Meditation is widely known to help relieve stress and promote positive health outcomes. Patients, as well as loved ones, often find that practicing meditation gives them some relief from the mental and emotional stresses of their situation.

Guided meditations require no effort on the patient’s part other than hearing, so they can work for even very fatigued individuals. Guided meditations of all sorts are available online or via apps, and your caregiver can help identify the best options.

Music Therapy

Many patients find music to be comforting. Shining Light caregivers can help to identify whether music is a desirable part of a patient’s care plan and assist with making that available. As with everything we do, the decision is individualized and focused solely on the benefits for the patient.

Other alternative therapies may be suggested depending on the specific circumstances.

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